Taking a Break. Having a Kit Kat.


About the Kit Kat. (None for me right now; I’m waiting for Halloween to get my sugar rush.)

However, I am taking a short break.

September is here, which means the workload is going to pick up again. The first week back is always exhausting because I’m not used to my daily routine. Summer was amazing – I slept in everyday, went to bed late, had lots of free time to blog, spent time with family and friends, went to Jasper… the list goes on. Unfortunately, all of that has to end. I’ll have to sleep early tonight so that I can wake up at six tomorrow and get out the door in the next half an hour. I’m not a morning person. Never will be. Something tells me that tomorrow morning is going to be fun…

I will not be posting daily anymore; hopefully, I will have enough content for a weekly post though. I look forward to sharing my food photography and recipes with all of you when I get back!

❤ Jessica