Pomegranate Raspberry Sherbet

Me: Mom! Would you like some pomegranate sherbet?
Mom: Sorry, what?
Me: Pomegranate raspberry sherbet. It’s really good.
Mom: Sure, I’ll have some sorbet.
Me: *facepalms* No, mom. It’s sherbet, not sorbet.
Mom: Same thing…
Me: Actually… they are not the same thing. *goes on long rant about the difference between sorbet and sherbet*
Mom: Wait… then what’s the difference between sherbet and gelato? Or what about gelato and ice cream?
Me: Uhm… the sherbet is melting. Let’s eat first. 😉

I quickly googled the difference between gelato and ice cream after I finished my sherbet. Now I’m ready to tackle my mother’s questions in case she asks me again.

Comment below if you know the difference between sorbet, sherbet, gelato, and ice cream!

❤ Jessica


2 thoughts on “Pomegranate Raspberry Sherbet

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