A Generous Sprinkling of Sprinkles

Banana soft serve is so good, it’s unreal.

This stuff is delicious, healthy, and incredibly easy to make. If you have a few frozen bananas, a food processor, and five minutes to spare, then you are good to go. Let’s start!

  1. Pulse frozen bananas in food processor for three to four minutes.
  2. Add one tablespoon of almond milk or coconut milk and a dash of vanilla. Continue pulsing for one minute.
  3. The final product should be smooth and have a consistency like soft serve. If there are chunks of frozen banana, continue pulsing.
  4. Scoop banana soft serve into a bowl. Add your preferred mix-ins.
  5. Om nom nom.

I like to top mine with rainbow sprinkles. A lot of rainbow sprinkles. 🙂

Have you tried banana soft serve? What would you top yours with?

❤ Jessica


4 thoughts on “A Generous Sprinkling of Sprinkles

  1. Instead of sprinkles on this I might cook down some raspberries with a little maple syrup to counteract their tartness and a touch of lemon juice to make a sauce and pour that over top. 🙂

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