Coconut Buns

I’ve confessed my love for anything with coconut before.

I love coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil, shredded coconut flakes, coconut butter, coconut yogurt, coconut ice cream, coconut whipped cream, coconut bread, and coconut buns.

I regularly drink coconut water and cook with coconut milk and oil. I love baking with shredded coconut and my home-made coconut butter. I stock up on coconut yogurt whenever it’s available. I’m still searching for coconut ice cream in grocery stores. If you gave me a spoon and a bowl of coconut whipped cream, I will be the happiest girl in the world. I visit my local asian supermarket  every few weeks to buy coconut bread and coconut buns.

However, until now, I’ve never made my own coconut buns! It’s unthinkable, really.  Here is the recipe I used. It’s super easy to follow (thanks to the pictures) and the result is 100x more delicious than store-bought coconut buns. I also love this recipe for its versatility; I tweaked a few things here and there and it still turned out great!

I did not have small loaf pans, so I used two large loaf pans instead. I made the tang zhong as written, but I doubled the dough and coconut filling. (I love coconut, so I kind of went crazy with it.) I split the dough into six buns before leaving it to rise for three hours. I then baked three buns in each loaf pan at 335°F for 45 minutes. Do not over bake as this will dry out the buns!

Overall, these buns are a success! They are sweet, coconutty, soft, fluffy, and moist – everything a coconut bun should be. Give this recipe a try; I promise you won’t be disappointed!

❤ Jessica



3 thoughts on “Coconut Buns

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  2. These look beatiful! I’m originally from Kerala, and all our cuisine uses coconut oil! A lot of people don’t seem to like it because of the taste/aftertaste, but in my house we drizzle it over almost everything! I have not baked with coconut oil though.

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