Happy Birthday, Mr. Grey

June 18.

  1. It is Christian Grey’s birthday.
  2. I am eating an open faced spicy tuna sandwich on french bread.

She is stirring something in a pot on the stove that smells delicious.
“I was going to make subs for Mr. Grey and me.”
She pauses for a heartbeat. “Sure,” she says. “Mr. Grey likes French bread—there is some in the freezer cut to sub length. I’d be happy to make it for you, ma’am.”
(Chapter 7 from Fifty Shades Freed)

So… apparently Christian likes French bread. Nowhere in the books, however, does it mention that Christian likes spicy food, tuna, or spicy tuna. He seems more like an omelette kind of guy.

I don’t think he will be joining me any time soon for lunch…

What are your thoughts on the Fifty Shades trilogy that has recently taken the world by storm?

❤ Jessica


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