Crazy for Quesadillas

I’ve been on a quesadilla-eating roll this week. Monday lunch, Tuesday dinner, Wednesday dinner… and most likely tomorrow for lunch again. Yeah, I have an unhealthy relationship with Mexican food.

So, you ask, how in the world am I still alive after eating Mexican food for three consecutive days?

The answer is: I have an unhealthy relationship with healthy Mexican food. ¿Entiendes?These quesadillas are filled to the brim with veggies – green bell peppers and mushrooms, piled on top of a layer of lean rotisserie chicken breast for a boost of protein. Because I love barbecue sauce, I also added two tablespoons of Kraft’s Garlic BBQ sauce. I cut up two wedges of Laughing Cow Light cheese, which is a healthier alternative than regular cheese; at 25 calories/wedge, it has less fat and calories than the typical Cheddar or Mozzarella. Finally, the tortilla is made of whole grains and contains 5g of protein and 4g of fibre! I know this quesadilla has “healthy” written all over it, but give it a try, and you will find that it tastes anything but healthy!

What have you been crazy for lately?

❤ Jessica


4 thoughts on “Crazy for Quesadillas

  1. i just wanted to say that i love your theme 🙂 mmm that quesadilla looks delicious! i always stuff mine with veggies too, but then it’s difficult to close and it ends up being a veggie flatbread pizza thing. and i tend to skimp on the cheese, sooo i really like it when my mom makes the quesadillas (chopped chicken, mushrooms, sauteed onions, generous cheese sprinkling – heaven<3) lately i've been into gyros, YUM!

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