An Eggcellent Source of Protein

I like eggs.

Hard boiled eggs, sunny side up eggs, poached eggs, soft boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelettes, over easy eggs, over medium eggs, eggs Benedict, egg salad, devilled eggs, egg custards, egg tarts, frittatas, egg mugs, toad in a hole…

I like eggs so much that I would totally dress up as one for Halloween. Not kidding. (The only difference is that I won’t look as adorable as this kid.)

By now, you should not be surprised that I had scrambled eggs with chives on two slices of toasted baguette for lunch today.Finally, I couldn’t help myself but to insert a cheesy egg joke at the end.

Q: Why couldn’t the Egg family watch tv?
A: Because their cable was scrambled.

Hahaha, get it?

❤ Jessica


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