My Last Name is Pretzel

Hi everyone! I will be writing today’s blog post because my owner, J, is busy making gluten-free black bean brownies in the kitchen right now. Let me introduce myself first. 🙂

My name is Pinky Pretzel, and I am a pink monkey. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2013, and I am exactly 97 days old. I only eat pink foods because I’m allergic to foods of other colours. My favourite foods are: pink bananas, strawberry milkshakes, pink lemonade, and cherry yogurt-covered pretzels.

In my spare time, I like to play with my best friend, Miss Piggy, and follow my owner everywhere. I am very fashion forward and love to accessorize. (Yellow bow ties are all the rage right now, btw.) I enjoy movies, long walks, and vacations. I love hugs and kisses too!

Now onto today’s blog post…

Erm… Since my owner posts what she eats, I’ll post what I eat today. Pink bananas – my favourite!

Have you tried pink bananas?

❤ Pinky Pretzel


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