A Very Special Granola Bar

Interesting fact #1:

I like granola bars. A lot.

Today, I tried a Special K Almonds and Peanuts bar.

It is made of crispy flakes, and crunchy almonds and peanuts with the taste of golden honey.

The good:

  • Although it consists of crispy flakes, the generous amount of honey makes it one of the chewiest granola bars I’ve ever had. I like chewy granola bars, and this definitely gave my jaw a good workout!
  • It has decent nutritional stats – 90 calories/bar with 2g of fat, 17g of carbs, 1g of fibre, 1g of protein, and 7g of sugar. It’s a little high on carbs and sugar, and a little low on protein and fibre… but hey, I’ve seen worse.

The bad:

  • It was a little too sweet for my liking. I could barely taste the almonds and peanuts because of the overbearing honey flavour.

Overall, I would give it 4 stars out of 5.

Have you tried Kellogg’s Special K Almonds and Peanuts granola bar? Did you like it?

❤ J


One thought on “A Very Special Granola Bar

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