Ramen Noodles on a Rainy Day

Drip drip drop,

It is raining a lot.

Drip drip drop,

I wish it was not.


I’m hungry as hell.

What should I eat?

A sandwich, noodles,

or a sweet treat?


I thought and thought,

and then out of the blue,

I settled on ramen,

the tried and true.


First add the seasoning,

then the vegetables and meat,

Pour in hot water,

and turn on the heat.


Wait a few minutes

for the noodles to cook,

In the meantime,

blog or read a book.


When the noodles are soft,

they are ready to eat.

Whip out your chopsticks,

and take a seat.


I slurp the noodles

and drink the broth it is in,

All I can say is:

Ramen for the win!

Can’t get enough of ramen? Read more on Serious Eats!

What do you like to eat on a rainy day?

❤ J


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