Mindful Snacking

I like to snack.

Just kidding. I LOVE to snack. 🙂

Sometimes, my snacking gets out of control.

Not today, however. I had a little help from edamame and spiced bean curd.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat do you reach for when you need a healthy snack?

❤ J


3 thoughts on “Mindful Snacking

  1. Hey there… argh, I can’t find your ‘about’ section so I have no idea who you are (*sob!*). I do like your blog though. I am a bit of a peanut butter freak. I like eating homemade peanut butter with banana and raisins… or apple slices dipped in peanut or cashew butter. Granola with greek yoghurt is also yum… so are plain baby carrots. Munch munch crunch.

    • Hola, I’m glad you like my blog! Thank you for reminding me to make an about section; I will do that asap. *pinky promise*

      I love nut butters and greek yogurt too! I’m always looking for new ways to eat them. Currently, I’m working on a greek yogurt cheesecake. Stay tuned!

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