The. first. post.

I have decided to take up blogging again. Yes, again.

You see, I tried this whole food blogging shabang last year. It worked for the first few months, but it quickly went downhill from there. Here are a few reasons why I quit:

  • I got bored. 
  • School started and I became extremely busy.
  • No one really read my blog. *goes to a corner and cries*
  • My camera sucked.
  • I found new hobbies.

Reasons why I decided to blog again:

  • I missed blogging.
  • I am a procrastinator at heart. I have finally realized that no matter how busy I am, I will always procrastinate. I think food blogging is a better way to procrastinate than lounging around, doing nothing. Agreed?
  • I am determined to gain 100 followers!
  • I have desperately been wanting to try out my new camera.

Hopefully, I am more successful at blogging than I was last year. *fingers crossed!*

❤ J


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